20. El Dictador - La Dogaresa
Zarzuelas. Highlights. Recordings 1923 & 1920
Music:   Rafael Millán
Singers: Emilio Sagi Barba, baritone,
             Luisa Vela, soprano

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  El Dictador
Zarzuela premiered in Barcelona 17th November 1923.
Libretto by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández Shaw.
The same year, Gramófono label recorded this long selection with the same performers conducted by the composer.
For the first time in CD.
La Dogaresa
Zarzuela premiered in Barcelona 17th September 1920.
Libreto de Antonio López Monís.
The singers of this recording in 1920 are the same who performed the première on stage.

Emilio Sagi Barba was, unquestionably, the most complete baritone we had during the first third of XXth century. He was born in Mataró (Barcelona) in 1876. After his studies, he went to South America where he sang opera, zarzuela and operetta. He returned in Spain and became one of the most famous singers of zarzuela. He created many new plays as Don Juan de Serrallonga, Las Golondrinas, La del Soto del Parral, La rosa del azafrán, Luisa Fernanda and many others. Many of them with his wife, the soprano Luisa Vela. After 1932 he retired from the stage and settled down Alicante village Polop de la Marina, until his death.

Luisa Vela was born in Tuéjar (Valencia) in 1884. Wife of Emilio Sagi Barba, her career is tied to his successes. She was the first Salud in Manuel de Falla's La vida breve. Among many of her recordings, we emphasize an extraordinary Sagrario's aria in La rosa del azafrán. She was death in Polop de la Marina in 1938.

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