26. "50 Tenores espaņoles"
Acoustic & electric recordings (1900 - 1950)

3 CD      ADD

  F.Abela, A.Angioletti (Jaume Bachs), Antonio Aramburo, Faustino Arregui, Carlo Barrera, Rafael Bezares, Julián Biel, Icilio Calleja, Lluis Canalda, Paolo Civil (Pablo Civil), Florencio Constantino, Antonio Cortis, Juan de Casenave, Enrique de la Vara, Marcelino del Llano, Isidoro Fagoaga, Miguel Fleta, Tino (Juventino) Folgar, Enrique Gandía, Juan García, José García, José García Romero, Jesús Gaviria, Juan Genoves, Mateo Guitart, Emanuele Ischierdo (Manel Izquierdo), Hipólito Lázaro, Rafael López, José Maristany, Ricardo Mayral, Miguel Mulleras, José Palet, Antonio Paoli, Piero Pauli (Pedro Paulí), Cayetano Peñalver, Delfín Pulido, Juan Raventos, Pepe Romeu, Juan Rosich, Filippo Santagstino (Felipe San Agustín), Vicente Sampere, Vicente Simón, Adolfo Sirvent, Manuel Utor "El musclaire", Fernando Valero, Giovanni Valls (Juan Valls), Emili Vendrell, Miguel Villabela, Francisco Viñas, Giovanni Voyer (Juan Voyer).

Tenor and soprano are the most traditional voices in Spain. We pretend to offer a long selection in two different albums. In the first of them, we have selected 50 voices in opera, zarzuela and song. This selection does not finish the possibilities to know all interesting voices in that period (1900-1950), but all of them are good examples from the famous "Spanish Tenors School", most of them with international careers.

Special mention must be made of the presentation of many voices practically unknown by lyrical music fans of today: Aramburo, Canalda, Gaviria, Raventós, Sirvent, Utor, among others.

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